We Needed To Send Cold Emails to 20,000,000 People. This Is What Happened:

It all started with our lead finder of social media active local businesses in 2019.

A turning point was when Larry Kim, co-founder of MobileMonkey purchased 20 million leads from us. It was the biggest single purchase of all time and we were determined he gets as much value from the list as possible.

Together, we brainstormed how to set up the entire outreach machinery to reach out to 5 million local businesses per year. Quick math showed this required us to send around 25,000 emails a day, using at least 500 senders.

At that time, all outreach tools charged per sender, and even with deep discounts, the quotes we received were astronomical, starting at a whopping $250,000 per year.

Given that we are software engineers, we took matters into our own hands and began developing an internal tool that would allow us to send personalized cold emails at scale. This was the genesis of what is now called Manyreach.

Manyreach was born out of necessity. To simplify campaign management, we invented sender rotation. Unwilling to pay exorbitant fees for subpar tools on the market, we created our own.

Our mission with Manyreach is to help businesses leverage cold outreach by sending emails at scale with fair and transparent pricing.

There is no need to pay monthly for software you don't use every month or pay just to keep your account active. With Manyreach, accounts are free—you only pay when sending emails. Upload unlimited contacts and send personalized cold emails at scale effortlessly.

Your success is our success,
Luka & Zare

Unlike other tools we used before, Manyreach helped us scale cold outreach to a new level. Now we send 25k emails a day with an excellent deliverability.

Larry Kim
CEO, MobileMonkey

These Are The Guidelines That Help Us Better Serve Our Users:

For the practical entrepreneurs

Most tech companies are obsessed with going upmarket to big brands that can spend big money on software. We are not that kind of tech company. We are here for little guys that, just like us, turn every $ around asking themselves how to make $2 with a $1 investment. We are here for the practical entrepreneur.

100x principle

We strive to build tools that can make at least 100x more than they cost. Our pricing reflects our commitment to offer a lot while taking less of your hard-earned cash.

Build lifetime relationships

Where is the point of building a relationship if it ends when you stop paying a monthly subscription? We are in the business of 100x principle and if someone needs 6 months and another 6 years to reach it, we’ll be here every step of the way.

No Skill Tax

The software industry is notorious for its high margins. Since we all know salaries and perks in tech are great, high margins are not at the expense of those, rather than high prices. Just because some folks have the technical skills to create and maintain software, it doesn’t have to be priced with a staggering bump. 

With us, you can be sure, we won’t tax you for our skills, but rather use our skills to make software better and more affordable.

Be profitable

Just like you, we are in the business of providing food, roof, and other necessities to our families. To do so, we came up with a business model that supports all our business principles and helps us stay profitable.

The Might of the Small

We believe in the might of small – small teams can achieve big dreams. In our world, 'small' equates to focus, agility, and the freedom to do what's needed, not just what's expected.