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    250 Credits
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    10,000 Credits
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    100,000 Credits
  • $279 $1170
    300,000 Credits
  • $529 $2340
    600,000 Credits
  • $829 $3900
    1,000,000 Credits
1 Credit = 1 Email Sent. Unused Credits Never Expire.
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All you need, in one powerful platform without monthly subscription

Only pay when Manyreach works for you

1 credit = 1 email sent
1 credit = 10 warmup emails sent.

With Power mode you get unlimited free Warmups.

Unlimited Sending Accounts

Add as many email mailboxes as you want to Manyreach without paying extra.

Warmup & Recovery

Warmup unlimited email mailboxes.

Unlimited Active Leads

Upload unlimited leads on Manyreach without paying extra.

Unlimited Workspaces

Organize your account into Workspaces and use them for your projects or clients.


Manage your contacts in a master database of all your leads. Upload unlimited leads.

Additional Users

Invite unlimited team members to your account without paying extra.

Campaign Sender Rotation

Connect multiple emails to one campaign to rotate senders automatically to improve deliverability.

Automatic follow ups

Automate outreach campaigns with unlimited follow ups.

Conditional Sequences

Create trigger based follow ups based prospect's actions like opens, replies, bookings.

Part of Power Mode & Client Mode

Multi-sequence Campaigns

Create additional sequences tailored to various replies or prospect's actions in a single campaign.

Part of Power Mode & Client Mode

Email Content Rotation

Spintax allows you rotate different email copies to enhance deliverability.

A-Z Testing

Test different variants of your campaigns to find the winner.

Advanced Campaign Scheduling

Schedule your campaigns for maximum results.

Detailed Campaign Analytics

Track all your campaign analytics in one easy-to-understand view.

Global Block List

Create a global block list to never reach out to certain leads.

Liquid Syntax

Easily personalize your cold email campaigns with liquid syntax.

Open & Link Tracking

Add as many email mailboxes as you want to ManyReach without paying extra.

Reply Detection

Get alerted with new replies in your unified inbox.

AutoReply Detection & Reschedule

Automatically detects OOO or auto-reply emails.

Bounce Shield

Protects you from sending to unverified emails.

Time Zone Scheduling

Schedule campaign timings based on your prospect’s time zone.

Activity Feed

Understand all activities with a prospects with a comprehensive activity feed.

AI Reply Categorization

Easily segment with replies with AI categorization.

Templated Replies

Create templated replies for fast communication.

Google & Microsoft oAuth

Connect Google Workspace and Office365 mailboxes using secure oAuth connection.

Connect any SMTP & IMAP

Seamlessly connect all standard SMTP & IMAP mailboxes.

Detailed Sender Analytics

Understand each account’s health with detailed sender analytics

Adjustable Daily Sending Limits

Create your own limits for each sender account.

Auto Increase Sending Volume

Auto-increase sending volume to scale your outreach campaigns.

Customizable Sending Intervals

Customize sending intervals for optimal deliverability.

Signature Builder

Add a different signature for each sender

Custom Tracking Domains

Add custom tracking domains to enhance deliverability while tracking opens/replies.

Webhooks & API

Use our powerful webhooks & API to automate your workflow.

Zapier, Pabbly Connect, & Make

Connect with powerful third-party automation tools.


Explore our other powerful integrations to make your workflow efficient.

Friendly Support

Friendly Support

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