Effortlessly Manage Your Replies Using Your Unified Inbox

Manyreach segments your leads, lets you track activity and lets you handle all your responses from one singular view.

87% users Consistently Book 4-7 Meetings Everyday using Manyreach

Manyreach helped us send hundreds of thousands of emails every month without compromising on deliverability. Infact, I've seen my best open/reply rates come with Manyreach.

Divij Rakhra

CMO Bricx

Unlike other tools we used before, Manyreach made it possible to scale cold outreach to a new level. Now we send 25k emails a day with an excellent deliverability.

Larry Kim

Co Founder MobileMonkey

What I really appreciate about Manyreach is its almost unlimited nature. The platform offers unlimited email addresses, unlimited prospects, unlimited warmup, and a very high monthly email limit

Steven G.

Co Founder Bricx

The automation capabilities have saved us significant time and effort, streamlining our outreach process. The personalized touch offered by ManyReach has greatly enhanced our engagement rates and overall campaign effectiveness.

Sanjay Joshi

Co Founder Box3 Learning Solutions

Manyreach is an upgraded version of a tool we've been using for a couple of years now. They came up with sender rotation feature in 2019 which made a revolution in our outreach performance.

Anze Miklavec

Founder Goat Story

I tried lots of other tools before using Manyreach, but in perspective of pricing and features, Manyreach provides almost similar and some features are better than other tools, for a lower price.

Suraj Waghmare

Co Founder A S Datachamp

Thanks to ManyReach's automated cold email system, I effortlessly generated qualified meetings and acquired new clients. Streamlined, efficient, and highly effective – a game-changer for my business growth.

Marusa Dobrovoljc

Co Founder Interactic

All flows of the features

AI Segmentation

Easily segment between interested/OOO/not interested replies with AI segmentation.

Activity Feed

Track all activities associated with a prospect reply in your unified inbox.

Reply from one master inbox

Manage all your conversations of your mailboxes from one master unified inbox.

Fast Load Time

Our competitors’s master inbox loads data in 10-15 mins of actually receiving the email. We do it in 1-2 mins & 10-30s for power add on users.

Integrate with automation tools

Get immediately notified about new replies & activies with our powerful third party integrations.

Connect with your favorite ESPs

You can connect Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and all other ESPs on Manyreach.

Cross Sell to Different Features

Your Workflow

Use our powerful API and integrations to automate your cold outreach workflow.

A/Z Testing
& Spintax

Test multiple variants of your emails with A/Z testing & optimize deliverability with our strong spintax feature.

Track Conversions Automatically

Whether you end goal is a booked appointment, link click, or reply - you can automatically track it with ManyReach.